Tina Dico - Someone You Love

You came to me in peace
I gave you what you wanted but no more
than just enough
And now i'm on my knees
Have mercy on my soul
I am here to return your love

I'm reaching to be found
Let anyone that trust in me be seen and be heard
and Lord if I had known
That love would be your punishment
I would've kept my word
cause that's what you do

For someone you love
You'll do it all for someone you love
Someone you love
You'll do it right for someone you love

You came to me out of nothing
Your beauty almost killed me
and the notion left me cold
I saw only your reflection
As always in this life
I never saw the image whole
and now the little I can give
Is all my love into a song
I'll never stop to sing
You've shown the will to live
And someday we'll meet face to face
And I'll be born again
Yes you'll be born again